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Established in 1994, Kissel/E&S Associates of Lincoln, Nebraska provides associations, businesses, and individuals a wide range of services in the areas of legislative representation, government relations, and association management.

Unlike other governmental consulting and lobbying firms, Kissel/E&S Associates draws upon the resources of the Erickson & Sederstrom law firm in addition to the experience and abilities of its Managing Director, Gordon Kissel, and staff.

Gordon's experience with the state legislature, state and federal agencies, and association management provides clients with a valuable and informed partner to assist them through the legislative process.

Legislative Services

Kissel/E&S Associates Managing Director Gordon Kissel provides clients a daily presence at the Nebraska Legislature and constant contact with governmental agencies. Clients of Kissel/E&S Associates benefit from complete legislative services backed by the full resources of the Erickson & Sederstrom law firm at less cost than normal legal services.

Legislative services provided by Kissel/E&S Associates include lobbying and legislative representation before the state legislature, drafting of legislation, direct contact with state senators, appearance before legislative committees, and all other services necessary to coordinate and influence the legislative process.

Association Management

In addition to legislative representation, Kissel/E&S Associates provides assistance to associations in the areas of association management, membership services, training and communications. Special publications, newsletters, membership mailings and legislative updates can be developed to promote each individual association through the combined efforts of Kissel/E&S Associates and SLR Communications of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Other association management services offered by Kissel/E&S Associates include conference management, web page design, workshops and training, and bookkeeping/accounting services.

Affiliation with Erickson & Sederstrom

Kissel/E&S Associates does not provide law-related services to its clients. Rather, Kissel/E&S Associates draws on the expertise and experience of the attorneys of Erickson & Sederstrom.

This firm has offices in both Lincoln and Omaha. Erickson & Sederstrom is the Nebraska representative of the State Capitol Law Firm Group, a non-profit national corporation comprised of one law firm with an established practice of legislative and governmental representation in each of the 50 states.

This affiliation allows exclusive access to a national resources center for legislative research, which can quickly provide valuable information on proposed legislation and existing laws in each state. This exchange of information is a powerful resource to clients of Kissel/E&S Associates because it offers insights into current state and federal legislative trends. We believe this service is essential in today's changing world of public policy and governmental regulation.

(Member firms of the State Capitol Law Firm Group practice independently and not in relationship for the joint practice of law.)


Kissel / E&S Associates
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