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Jonathan G.  Bradford


Jonathan is an associate with Kissel/E&S Associates. He is a native of Omaha, Nebraska and joined the firm in December of 2014. Jonathan served on the campaign staff of Brad Ashford's successful campaign in 2006 to re-take a seat in the Nebraska Unicameral. Following Ashford’s election to the Legislature, Jonathan served on his staff for two years as Judiciary Committee Clerk and the final six years as Legislative Aide to then-State Senator Ashford. Ashford was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2014 and serves Nebraska’s Second Congressional District.

Jonathan holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in History from the University of Kansas.



Gordon Kissel


A native of Lincoln, Gordon Kissel has worked in the lobbying and association management field since 1980. As the Executive Director of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts from 1980-1994, Gordon was responsible for governmental and legislative affairs, and association management. Gordon devotes full-time efforts to the affairs of Kissel/E&S Associates and is the primary liaison with the company's clients.

Gordon has a bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (major: English and Education), a Master of Education from UN-L (emphasis: Secondary Education) and a Master of Arts in Political Science from UN-L (emphasis: Public Administration and American Government).



Joseph D. Kohout


Joe, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, is a partner in the firm of Kissel/E&S Associates. Since 2002, Joe has been a registered lobbyist with the Nebraska State Legislature. Before attending law school, Joe served as a Legislative Aide in the Nebraska Legislature for then-Senator John Hilgert of Omaha (now Director of Veterans' Affairs). During his tenure as Legislative Aide, Joe earned valuable expertise in committee structures, the legislative process and constituent services. Joe is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the Omaha Bar Association. He is admitted to practice law in the Nebraska Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska. However, Joe’s practice is completely devoted to government affairs.

Joe holds both a Bachelor of the Arts (political science and history) and a Juris Doctor degree from Creighton University.



John Ryan MacDonald


John Ryan MacDonald is a California native who serves as Government Relations Specialist for Kissel/E&S Associates. Ryan served for almost three years as a Page at the Nebraska Unicameral. During that time, Ryan gained a valuable understanding of committees, their structures, floor debate, and most importantly, the individual members of the Nebraska Legislature and their staffs. Ryan has also worked as a researcher at the University working on Habeas Corpus petitions that focused on the racial and gendered resistance in the North America West. In his spare time Ryan enjoys competing in intramural broomball at the campus recreation center, exercising, playing ice hockey, and golf.

Ryan graduated, with distinction, from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both History and Political Science. He was inducted into the Omicron Delta Kappa National Honors Society, Kappa Alpha Theta History Honors Society, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors and Leadership Society and the Sigma Alpha Pi Political Science Honors Society.





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